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About Us

Institute of Microbiology and Laboratory Medicine - Department of Research, Education, and Development

About us

We are one of the largest mycobacteriological diagnostic centers in Europe and WHO Supranational Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory. We combine practical experience with large numbers of diagnostic samples with practical and operational research in TB diagnostics and – as SRL partner – international collaboration with National Reference Laboratories in nine high-incidence, high-resistance countries.

Core Competencies

  • Technical:
    • Planning and supervision of the construction of medium (BLS-2) and high (BSL-3) risk TB laboratories
    • Implementation and continuous optimization of TB and mycobacteriological diagnostics
    • Molecular diagnostics
    • Development and implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS)
    • Preparation of TB laboratories for ISO 15189 accreditation
    • Process management and efficiency optimization of TB laboratories
    • Internal and external quality controls
    • Optimization and implementation of procurement systems
    • Laboratory warehouse management
  • Capacity building:
    • Training of Laboratory managers
    • Bench training of laboratory specialists in microbiology, molecular biology, TB and mycobacteriology
    • Biosafety and infection control experts
  • Programmatic:
    • National Laboratory Strategic Plans
    • Diagnostic algorithms for
    • Tuberculosis policy development
    • Human resources development plans
    • Laboratory logistics and transportation concepts

DUNS Number: 312631285


NAICS Codes:

541715 – Bacteriological research and development laboratories or services

541614 – Productivity improvement consulting services. Inventory Planning.

621511 – Bacteriological laboratories, diagnostic


SAM Address:

Robert-Koch-Allee 2

Gauting, Bayern, 82131


Past and Current Collaborators

USAID – IML red worked with ABT Associates  under the USAID funded Defeat TB  project on StopTTH (Stop Tuberculosis Transmission in Hospitals) in the Kyrgyz Republic. We are currently partnered with USAID and ABT again on the USAID ETICA project, “USAIDs Eliminate TB in Central Asia,” 

WHO – Supranational reference laboratory of tuberculosis for the Kyrgyz Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Novosibirsk (Russian Federation), Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


Facilities in Gauting

The laboratory rooms of the IML Gauting were newly refurbished from 2007 to 2009. It disposes of a modern, 93 m² High-Risk TB (TB Containment) laboratory, additional 100 m² BSL-2 laboratory rooms and six bio-safety-cabinets for TB diagnostics and research. The IML Gauting is ISO EN DIN 15189-2008 accredited by the German DAkkS accreditation authority. 

Additional Services Offered

  1. Guidance in Development of National TB Laboratory Strategic Plans and GF concept notes;
  2. Development and implementation of TB laboratory diagnostic algorithms;
  3. Elaboration and implementation of ISO 15189 QMS;
  4. Planning of new medium and high risk TB laboratories including BSL-3 units and ventilation systems;
  5. Practical on-site trainings in WHO-endorsed TB laboratory diagnostics;
  6. Annual external quality assessment of microscopy and DST (panel testing)s

Procedures preformed at SRL

    Microscopy (ISO 15189:2013 accredited)

  • Ziehl-Neelsen  microscopy
  • Fluorescent microscopy (Auramin)

    Culture (ISO 15189:2013 accredited)

  • Solid media (LJ)
  • Liquid media by  automated method (BACTEC MGIT 960)

    Molecular tools (all assays ISO 15189:2013 accredited)

  • Line-Probe Assays (GenoType® MTBDRplus, GenoType®MTBDRsl, GenoType® Mycobacterium CM, GenoType® MTBC )
  • BD Probe Tec
  • Roche Taqman
  • Xpert MTB/RIF
  • Spoligotyping, IS6110 RFLP
  • Several sequencing assays for species identification, resistance markers etc.

 DST (ISO 15189:2013 accredited)

  • 1st line:  Rapid liquid culture (MGIT), 
  • 2nd line:
    • Rapid liquid culture (MGIT), 
    • Solid culture (LJ proportion method),  
  • WHO group V drugs: Delamanid, Bedaquiline, Linezolid, Clofazimine and others: available with different assays including MGIT 
  • For all anti-TB and NTM drugs: Determination of minimal  inhibitory concentraions in resazurine microtiter assay (REMA)/TREK
  • DST of non-tuberculous mycobacteria:
    • REMA
    • TREK RGM
    • TREK SGM
    • Proportional method
    • MGIT

    Sequencing of targeted resistance genes (Sanger)


  • QuantiFERON-TB Gold IT
  • QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus